Neighbouring Rights Administration

Our expertise combined with technology offers 21st century neighboring rights administration service for performers, producers, and labels.

Neighbouring Rights

Streamlining the management of performance royalties for artists, ensuring fair compensation and global coverage in the complex landscape of neighbouring rights.

Multiple Statistics Sources

We track your sound recordings played at online and terrestrial radios, TV, in shops, gyms, theaters and other public places using performance statistics and third-party airplay monitors to collect all the royalties you're entitled to.

Increase your earnings

We help you increase your earnings. Our experts will provide you with complete transparency on your rights and the potential of the market. By cleaning and enhancing your data, we help you maximize your income.

Modern Technology

Our cutting-edge technology simplifies the process of registering your sound recordings with the MLC and other databases. Our system enables us to accurately identify and match your recordings, ensuring that every use of your songs is accounted for. This helps you earn more revenue in a shorter amount of time.

We strive to empower our users by supplying them with the essential resources needed to make insightful strategic choices.

Our platform addresses challenges in asset and contract management, digital supply chains, revenue reporting, analytics, royalty accounting, payment distribution, and multi-user access.
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