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What is Music Publishing

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Transform your essential music publishing experience with UniteSync – the one-stop solution to manage, track, and grow your music revenue using automation, real-time analytics, and estimated royalties.

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Global Publishing Network

We have a global network of +45 paid sources covering 117 Countries, including Collection Societies, CMOs, RAEs, MROs, and PROs.

Unified Data Management

No more hassles of managing data across multiple accounts, DSPs, and participants. We bring it all together in one dashboard.

Song Registration Made Easy

Registering potential songs has never been easier with our platform – just two clicks, and you’re done!

Insightful Trends & Analytics

Track your music’s performance over various time frames and territories, directly sourced from DSPs.

Global Coverage

+ 45
Paying Sources
Music Publishing
Our Capabilities
Our system for managing music rights places the focus on writers and utilizes data to drive results.

Why UniteSync is your top-choice for music publishing

Transparency You Can Trust

Never second-guess where your royalties are coming from again. UniteSync provides a clear, concise, and transparent breakdown of your music publishing royalties. With a few clicks, you can see all the registered metadata, from ISWC to ISRC codes, ensuring you’re not missing any revenue.

Streamlined Efficiency

Juggling between multiple platforms and spreadsheets is old-school. Welcome to the future of music publishing rights. With UniteSync, everything you need is housed under one convenient dashboard. From registering new songs with CMOs to keeping track of writer’s splits, it’s all simplified for you.

Predictive Power

Who doesn’t want a glimpse of the future? Especially if it’s related to how much you’ll earn. Our predictive analytics gives you foresight into your estimated future royalties.

Already a UniteSync Client? Access your account to check on the status of your songs and view royalty reporting.

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