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Transform your essential music publishing experience with UniteSync – the one-stop solution to manage, track, and grow your music revenue using automation, real-time analytics, and estimated royalties.
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Music Rights Management Solution

At UniteSync, we're committed to amplifying your music's reach and simplifying your administrative load. Our suite of features is designed to connect your melodies to a global stage, streamline your data, and bring insightful analytics to your fingertips.

Global Publishing Network

We have a global network of +45 paying sources covering 117 Countries, including Collection Societies, CMOs, RAEs, MROs, and PROs.

Unified Data Management

No more hassles of managing data across multiple accounts, DSPs, and participants. We bring it all together in one dashboard.

Song Registration Made Easy

Registering potential songs has never been easier with our platform – just a few clicks, and you’re done!

Insightful Trends & Analytics

Track your music’s performance over various time frames and territories, directly sourced from DSPs.

Global Coverage


Paying Sources


Countries & Territories

Why UniteSync is your top-choice for music publishing

UniteSync champions transparency, offering clear royalty reports and metadata checks to secure all due revenue. Their platform streamlines music rights management into one dashboard, simplifying song registration and rights tracking. Plus, predictive analytics offer foresight into future royalties, helping artists plan ahead with confidence.
Transparency You Can Trust
Streamlined Efficiency
Predictive Power

Music Publishing Agreements

We offer a simple and flexible music publishing agreement that are favorable and short-term, based on a rolling 28 day period. Our non-exclusive synchronization rights enable clients to pursue their own direct synchronization licensing opportunities. Our high at-source royalty rate music publishing deals provide highly favorable royalty rates that are calculated on an at-source basis with no hidden deductions.

Live Performance

With our innovative platform, you have the power to claim royalties for your live performances effortlessly. Our technology is adept at gathering data from live events, ensuring that every note you play is accounted for. By automating the claims process with performing rights organizations, we guarantee that all artists involved receive their fair share of compensation for their performances. This seamless integration into the live music ecosystem puts you in control, enabling you to focus on your art while we handle the logistics of royalty collection.

Accurate Accounting

We provide quarterly royalty statements, which are due 30 days after each calendar quarter. We also offer comprehensive accounting services for original publishers, including full net royalty statements for writers. Our royalty statements are exceptionally detailed, containing all relevant information such as source, licensee, territory, income type hierarchy, and usage data.

Free Royalty Audit

Want to know how much money your music has made in royalties? Our technology can give you an estimate!
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