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Transforming Music Publishing Through Transparency, Efficiency, and Insight

UniteSync is a guiding light for independent artists, writers, and publishers who are trying to navigate the complexities of music royalties and rights management. The company was founded with the goal of making music publishing more transparent, efficient, and data-driven. UniteSync offers a cutting-edge system that is designed to simplify operations and maximize earnings.

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Our values


UniteSync values transparency. Our platform offers clear insights on music royalties and publishing. We prioritize clarity in all interactions.


Our platform automates tasks like identifying royalty discrepancies and highlighting new songs for registration, so you can focus on making outstanding music.


UniteSync simplifies song registration with an accurate, quick, and easy process. Our intuitive interface eliminates complexity, so you can focus on creating and publishing your music.


Our mission is to empower artists, writers, and publishers in the music industry. Our platform provides user-friendly tools and educational resources to help you take control of your destiny and put the power back into your hands.

Publishing Administraton solution provider

We strive to empower our users by supplying them with the essential resources needed to make insightful strategic choices.

Our platform solves industry challenges like royalty discrepancies, account management, and interaction with DSPs. , Providing real-time insights and automating song registrations with PROs and CMOs.

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