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Maximize the reach of your music by ensuring a smooth release that makes it readily available to a global audience.

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Fast Delivery to DSPs
We distribute your music globally to major and local digital platforms, and place your songs in carefully selected playlists.
Release management
Our release management team takes care of all release details, ensuring that artwork, titles, and other attributes are correctly passed onto DSPs.
Publishing rights
We register your songs with MLCs automatically, ensuring accurate identification and prompt payment of your sound recording performance royalties.
Royalty Reporting
We provide a granular report detailing all uses of your sound recordings, providing complete and transparent insight into your income sources and their value.
YouTube Content ID Management
We help you claim YouTube royalties for your original or cover songs, whether they are performed live or synched into user-generated content.
Fair terms and pricing
Our terms and conditions are flexible, and we always provide you with the most competitive options in the market for our services.

Delivery to Major DSPs

Few of our DSP Partners:
Partner Plan
For established artists and labels, we offer cutting-edge technology, catalog management, DSP playlist pitching, and marketing tools to maximize your music royalties.
DSP Marketing & Playlist Pitching
Dedicated Manager
Royalty Splits

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