Royalty Free Music

What does Royalty Free music mean?

Regularly, whenever a piece of music gets played in public on, for example, digital platforms like YouTube, collecting societies collect a royalty fee on behalf of the right owners.

Royalty free music means that you pay once or agree for a license to use a piece of music, not repeatedly on a per-use basis.

In other words, as long as you have an active account when you upload content with our music on the channels and accounts connected to your account, you won’t face any further costs, copyright strikes or other legal negotiations.

Please note; Although our licenses and subscriptions allow you to edit or remix the track to fit your production, it does not include releasing and distributing our music as stand-alone tracks. To monetize your YouTube videos, make sure you have an active account on UniteSync and that you’ve added your YouTube channel on the day you publish your videos in order to stay clear from claims.