What are claims and how can I stay claim free on YouTube?

What is a Content ID claim?

A Content ID claim is a copyright notification applied by a rights holder in order to protect their copyrighted content on YouTube. It is up to each individual rights holder to decide which policy they want to apply to matched content.

If you upload a video to YouTube with UniteSync music without a valid license to do so or that does not conform with the license terms, you may receive a monetization claim. Bear in mind that a claim is not a copyright strike. We will never take down, mute or block your YouTube video for using our music unlicensed as long as you let UniteSync monetize or otherwise comply with UniteSync’s instructions. The only thing that will happen is that ads may appear since UniteSync will monetize your video.

How can I make sure my video is cleared from claims on YouTube?

In order for us to recognize your content as licensed on YouTube it is important that you link your channel/video to your account.

The way our licensing model works is that the party uploading a video to YouTube needs to be cleared in our system to avoid claims. All videos published during your subscription will be cleared from claims forever. However, if you publish videos with our music after your subscription has ended, you run the risk of receiving claims. In other words, it's all about when you publish the video rather than when you download the track.

If you have a subscription with us, you can add your channel straight into your subscription in your account settings.